Game Eye 2D


A component based orthographic camera extension for unity that tracks 2D environments. Included are scripts that help you track 2D environments. When setup, the camera will follow objects in your scene, or zoom to fit them all, or use input from the player to track the scene, etc…


If you want to see them in action. I’m currently using them to build my game Spectrum Break.

Supported Games

Arenas, Platformers, RPGs, Runners, Shoot’em ups, Strategy, Custom.


You choose what is important to focus on and how the camera behaves.

Quick to set up, and includes a menu of pre-built camera setups.

Optimally tracks scenes smoothly and efficiently, and avoids overhead through a component based approach.

Easily extendable, a short how-to guide is included in the documentation.

A top down mode that causes all components to compile for a top down view.


Focus following, Camera shake, Zoom to fit multiple focuses, Input to zoom.


Positions, Forward focuses, Mouse cursor, Rails, Triggers.


Parralax, Clamp objects to a camera view, Triggers to change camera values.

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