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A voxel game Like Minecraft that's created in unity using chunk system with seed

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 281 days agoCreated on December 14th, 2019
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A Voxel Game Made With Unity (2020.1.0a14)

This is a Voxel game Like Minecraft, which is based on Unity’s Perlin Noise (Still Unfinished)

You may use this project freely.

What’s Implemented?

  • Added SEM.cs which is short for (Static Extension Methods)
  • Added Seed Translation (look for GetRawSeed() in SEM.cs) to translate string letters to Int32
  • Created A Solid Player Physics And Player Controller (Not Buggy At All)
  • Added A Chunk System To Improve Performance (I was stupid to the point where i render every block as a meshRenderer but we learn from our mistakes)
  • Added Seeded World Generation based on Transform Position (Not Spiral Which may cause a tiny performance issues)
  • Added Support for Texture Importing to Simulate texture packs And UV Mapping (Texture packs are in the StreamingAssets path)
  • Added Chunk Collision using MeshCollider (meshColliders are laggy and buggy, i will change that in the future)
  • Added Render Distance Option To The World.cs class which gets called on Awake() Only, you can change it to Update when it Render Distance Option changes 😉
  • Added Slobe climbing (Very cool for Stairs And Ladders)
  • Chunks are now Generated Based on the block facing which gives extra 110+ FPS!
  • Multithreaded Chunk Building, makes you see the world being created 😋
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