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A novel teleportation interaction for the HTC Vive, tested against existing teleportation designs

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vr teleporters for unity3d: simple ux study

A novel teleportation interaction design has been implemented for the HTC Vive. It has been tested against existing teleportation designs.


This unity project was programmed as part of a simple study for a project at the Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt. The results showed that the proposed novel teleportation was not superior to the existing designs. This repository consists of the unity project, which contains the implementation of the teleportation method, and the documentation, which describes the study in all its details (german).


The german presentation can be found in documentation/Präsentation.pdf


The novel two-handed teleporter (Video)
Teleporter Video

Selection of teleportation method (Video)
Teleporter Video


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