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Unity editor extension for creating items based on model script properties

Unity 2017.1.0f3Apache License 2.0Updated 3 years agoCreated on July 20th, 2017
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Item Creator

Extension is under development and is not ready to use yet!


Item Creator is a Unity extension that enables user to easly create his items data and save it to json file (there are plans for creating extension that will enable to browse already created items and delete them (base CRUD operations)).

Model code

This is how you express your model in code (BaseModel class is delivered with plugin and it is required that your model class inherits from it)

Model Code

Inspector look

After you create model just drag and drop script on proper object field and rest fields will generate automatically based on model class properties. After you hit Create item button Item Creator will generate json representation of that model. For now it is not saved anywhere yet.



I am using Unity 2017.1 along with Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition with experimanetal C# 6 support (I am using string interpolation inside).


First you need to create a script that will include public class which will be [System.Serializable] (this is necessary in order to be able to read class properties). Then you just need to drag a script into the specified field and vuala. In order to create item and append it to your destination file click Create item button.

Third party libraries

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