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A 3D shooter game written using C# in Unity Engine

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on December 17th, 2019
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A 3D Shooter game with different types of enemy that chases the player down. Survive and score points by killing them.

Game Description

  • Player can sprint and move around the area of the map
  • Player shoots laser beam (using raycast)
  • Health and Stamina system
  • 3 types of enemies => Tanky(Pink), Speedy(Green) and Normal(Orange) ones
  • Points based off the types of enemies. Score as much as you can.

Getting Started

You will need to have Unity Game Engine if you wish to view/edit the code of the game.

Cloning the repository

You can clone the repository using:

  • clone/Download button and download the files as zip. Extract it after and open the project in Unity.
  • cloning the repository locally:
git clone


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