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A Unity DOTS framework for my personal projects

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Latios Framework Packages for DOTS

The packages contained in this repository are packages built upon Unity DOTS which I use for my own personal hobbyist game development. All packages are either licensed under the Unity Companion License. The packages may contain code borrowed from official Unity packages and therefore may be seen as derivative works.


  • Core – General-purpose utilities and bootstrap

  • Physics – Collision and Physics building blocks using an alternate runtime representation

  • Audio – Simple, scalable, spatialized sounds and music streaming (Coming in version 0.3.0)

  • Kinemation – Authored animation, simulated animation, and everything in between (No public release)

  • MachAxleAI – An infinite axis utility evaluator designed for high throughput (No public release)

  • Life FX – VFX simulations which add immersion to stylized worlds (No public release)

Getting Started

There are three methods to install the framework package (contains all publicly released packages).

  • Add package via PackageManager->Add package from git URL

  • Add via OpenUPM

  • Clone or submodule this repository into your project’s Packages folder

After installing the framework package, follow the instructions detailed here

If you wish to use Latios.Core without Latios.Physics but do not want to clone or submodule the repo, please let me know and I will create a dedicated Latios.Core release.

Getting Started pages and documentation are provided with each package.

Proud Users of Latios Framework

Open Projects


I develop these packages separately from this repository. I will provide the current snapshot of that code upon request. I promise the code will be terrible. This may be useful to you if you desire to contribute in an area I am actively developing. See Contributing for more information.

  • I will

    • Take bug reports on the latest release seriously.

      • If it is broken for you, it is broken for me.

      • I don’t spend time heavily testing this framework as it is a hobby and not my full time job. I probably will only notice issues when I try to use something in a game jam or personal project and it breaks, unless you alert me. With that said, nearly every feature in this framework is at least partially tested in a production project.

      • Repros and test cases will increase the chances of me publishing a fix quickly.

    • Consider optimization requests.

      • As long as Burst is in play, most people care more about features than performance, so that’s usually my priority. However, optimization is fun! So if you have a performance problem because of my code, tell me! I will make it my problem to make it not a problem.
    • Consider documentation and example requests.

      • XML docs

      • Markdown docs

      • Examples highlighting a specific feature that is difficult to understand

    • Consider collaboration requests.

      • If you are an asset developer (free or paid) and would like to officially support this framework, don’t be shy to reach out to me.

      • If you are working on a game and wish to use my framework, but need help integrating it into your project and utilizing its features, don’t be shy! I’m pretty easy to reach on the Unity forums.

    • Consider API suggestions.

      • API design is a fascinating topic for me. My general philosophy is that a competent developer should spend significantly more time understanding the problem he/she is solving compared to understanding the API he/she is using.

      • While I spend a great amount of time thinking about API, I am not perfect. If you have comments regarding an improvement, naming, structure, or anything, tell me. If I agree with a proposed change, I will try my best to integrate it.

    • Consider minor feature requests.

      • As long as it makes sense in the package, I will add it.
    • Consider package or major feature proposals.

      • Please put some thought and design into the proposal.

      • Please recognize that I do this as a hobby and any time spent on a proposed feature is time I am not spending on already planned features. I make that call.

      • Please recognize that I have my personal style and preferences in game design which are different than yours.

      • If you are developing a package and would like me to help maintain and distribute it, I will gladly welcome your work to the framework family. Of course it will have to meet API standards, but I can help you with that.

      • By far the best way to get me to work on a new package or major feature is to collab with me in a game jam project where such work is required. I’m almost always looking for new collab opportunities!

    • Consider prioritizing planned features upon request.

      • If one of the features on my near-term roadmap is a feature you desire, let me know, and I can prioritize it and cut you a release when it is ready.
  • I will not

    • Support older versions of packages outside of answering questions and assisting in updating to the latest versions.

    • Guarantee your project does not break when updating.

      • I know it is good practice to obsolete things and use [FormerlySerializedAs] and provide API updaters. I just don’t care enough to bother.

      • I will integrate pull requests which help with this. So if you want to be the nice human being that ensures projects update smoothly and know how to write the code to do it, I will gladly accept your contributions.

    • Pull pull requests directly.

A Word of Caution

If you choose to modify any of the packages here licensed under the Unity Companion License, my understanding is that any modifications, including new inventions inserted, will belong to Unity as per the terms described by the license.

Personally, I do not have an issue with this license as it permits me to always be able to use my inventions in Unity projects and I have no issue if Unity wants to adopt anything here.

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