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simple and nongeneric MessagePack Reader for C#.

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 98 days agoCreated on December 14th, 2019
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simple and nongeneric MessagePack Reader for C#.



MiniMessagePack is inspired by MiniJSON[1] and MessagePack-CSharp[2].


  • .NET Framework 3.5
    • まだUnity/.NET3.5環境なユーザーがいるはずです(私
    • Some Unity users still need to use .NET3 …(me too
  • not unsafe
    • do not force change unsafe setting of Unity.
  • MiniJSON Like
    • 単独ファイル
      • 導入が簡単
    • 読み取り時型引数不要
      • 大量の読み取り用型を生成すると、IL2CPPは大量のC++ファイル(数GB!)を生成し、ビルドエラーの原因となることがあります
    • Single File
      • Easy to install
    • Does not need types to deserialize
      • Declare a lot of classes to deserialize, IL2CPP will generate huge C++ files(e.g. xGB) then will cause build error.
  • Struct Base
    • なるべくヒープを経由しないようにします
    • avoid to use heap.
  • byte[] to primitive.
    • ボクシング回避
      • 値型をobject型で読み取るとボクシングが発生するため
    • avoid boxing
      • because deserialize from primitive to object, it will cause boxing.


MiniMessagePack can “not” serialize data.

If you want to do it, I recommend to use other libraries, like MsgPackCli, MessagePack-CSharp…


  • Copy src/MiniMessagePack/MessagePack/MiniMessagePack.cs to your project
  byte[] msgpack;
  var reader = MiniMessagePack.MessagePackReader.Create(msgpack);
  //simple pattern. easy to use but slow.
    var length = reader.ArrayLength;
    for(int i = 0; i < length; i++){
      byte   b = reader[i]["ByteValue"].GetByte();
      string s = reader[i]["StringValue"].GetString();

  //foreach pattern. faster than for
  foreach(var arrayValue in reader.AsArrayEnumerable()){
    byte   b = arrayValue["ByteValue"].GetByte();
    string s = arrayValue["StringValue"].GetString();

  //fastest pattern. reuse string key as utf8 byte[].
    var byteKey = MiniMessagePack.MessagePackReader.KeyToBytes("ByteValue");
    var strKey  = MiniMessagePack.MessagePackReader.KeyToBytes("StringValue");
    foreach(var arrayValue in reader.AsArrayEnumerable()){
      byte   b = arrayValue[byteKey].GetByte();
      string s = arrayValue[strKey ].GetString();



read array of 1000 instances and get properties. is it true…?

Flatbuffers and MessagePack-CSharp are crazy fast!


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