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This project is an example of a real-time simulation of cloths animations in unity. We use a Taylor approximation and we update at constant time steps. The project is designed to use on plain objects, however, a volumetric approximation using tetrahedrons created by tetgen is been included.

A web version of the examples can be found at https://iagocl.github.io/unityAnimator/.

A video can also be found at https://youtu.be/7ZcRD_zBRuA an example without menu is also available at https://youtu.be/9F6HdxM5x98.

Example without menu:

YouTube video example without menu

Example with menu:

YouTube video example

The cloth textures are a modified version of this texture https://cc0textures.com/view?tex=Fabric30


The scene can be changed using the scene menu or pressing the scene number key. To pause or resume a scene press P or click the corresponding button.

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