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Editor tool that allows you to add your own prefabs to the GameObject menu

Unity 2018.4.13f1OtherUpdated 153 days agoCreated on December 29th, 2019
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Prefab Menu Tool

Unity custom editor tool

Add your own prefabs to the GameObject menu

Configure in the editor

Generate a C# file

Your prefabs can now be instantiated from the GameObject menu


  • Download the latest release of the package
  • Import the package into your Unity project with Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package


  • Open the configuration menu with Tools -> Prefab Menu Builder
  • Click the + button to add an item
  • Fill out the fields to set the prefab, menu item path and priority
    • See the MenuItem docs for more info on menu item path and priority
  • Use the x button to remove an item
  • Use the arrow buttons to rearrange the items
  • Click the “Generate menu script” to generate the menu
  • Wait for the new script to compile
  • Right-click in the hierarchy and your new menu items should appear


Made with Unity 2018.4.13f1

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