ABM Plus

ABMPlus (AssetBundleManager Plus!)

An extension / modification of the Unity AssetBundleDemo. Made for personal use, but given back to all of the internet!


The original BitBucket above is all well and good… but there are several things I noticed when first attempting to use the project that were displeasing… An example would be how the LocalAssetBundleServer launch script would create a folder called Resources in the Unity Assets directory… and this file would end up in builds. There were also some usability problems stemming from bugs with the Linux Unity editor and just configuring the underlying code to do what you want.

So… I decided to make this repo. I plan on doing a little bit of reorganization of the code base to clean it up slightly. I’ll also merge in anything done back on the original BitBucket provided it remains relevant to this build. And, finally, I’ll integrate any interesting looking pull requests that might not have gotten merged in yet…

Why GitHub and not BitBucket?

Well… I like GitHub… 😛 Also, I like git and it seems the original repo was done in mercurial… But it was released under the MIT license so I figured I’d just make a new repo and reference the “official” one often. 😛

Asset Store?

Maybe one day! It’d be nice to get an updated version of the AssetBundleManager on there since Unity Technologies has kinda left the package go! (It’s out of date and buggy… so no using it directly, unfortunately.)

“My XYZ broke and I don’t know what to do… HALP!”

I can try… But I’m not 100% sure about what’s going on in the original code base. I’m sure that’ll change as I tweak with it more, but for now… Unity Forums? 😛