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Simple SVN Integration for Unity 3D

Unity 2018.4.15f1MIT LicenseUpdated 56 days agoCreated on December 29th, 2019
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Simple but powerful SVN Integration for Unity 3D utilizing TortoiseSVN UI. A must have plugin if you use SVN as your version control system in your project.


  • Github upm package - merge this to your Packages/manifest.json
  "dependencies": {
    "devlocker.versioncontrol.svnsimpleintegration": ""
  • Asset Store plugin: Working on it


  • Have installed SVN installed
    • Have installed SVN command line interface (CLI)
  • (Optional) Have TortoiseSVN installed.



  • Hooks up to Unity move and delete file operations and executes respective svn commands to stay in sync.
    • Handles meta files as well.
    • Moving assets to unversioned folder will ask the user to add that folder to SVN as well.
    • Moving folders / files that have conflicts will be rejected.
    • Will work with other custom tools as long as they move / rename assets using Unity API. Provides assets context menu for manual SVN operations like commit, update, revert etc.
  • Show overlay svn status icons
    • Show server changes that you need to update.
    • Show locked files by you and your colleges.
  • Minimal performance impact
  • You don’t have to leave Unity to do SVN chores.
  • File operations should be cross-platform. TortoiseSVN menus are not.

Check the screenshots below


Do your file operations in Unity and the plugin will handle the rest.

User SVN operations are available in the menu (or right-click on any asset): Assets/SVN/...

WARNING: Never focus Unity while the project is updating in the background. Newly added asset guids may get corrupted in which case the Library folder needs to be deleted.
Preferred workflow is to always work inside Unity - use the “Assets/SVN/…” menus. “Assets/SVN/Update All” will block Unity while updating, to avoid Unity processing assets at the same time.
This is an issue with how Unity works, not the plugin iteself. Unity says its by “design”.

Overlay Icons

  • Unversioned
  • Modified
  • Added
  • Deleted
  • Conflict
  • Locked by me
  • Locked by others
  • Server has changes, update


OverlayIcons1 OverlayIcons2

ContextMenu Preferences

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