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Unity packages and demos—emphasizing ECS, jobs, and the Burst compiler—by me, Reese.

Unity 2019.3.13f1MIT LicenseUpdated 4 days agoCreated on December 30th, 2019
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Unity packages and demos—emphasizing ECS, jobs, and the Burst compiler—by me, Reese.


This project is a UPM package monorepo that supports the included demos, featuring:

  1. Nav - DOTS navigation with auto-jumping agents and movable surfaces.
  2. Spawning - Generic DOTS runtime spawning for any combination of prefab, components, and buffers.
  3. Randomization - Unity.Mathematics.Random number generators in jobs, including Burst-capable ones.

All of my packages are available on OpenUPM. Please support it and its maintainer, Favo. We depend on dedicated people like him.


My packages benefit from ubump, automating their SemVer-bumping needs, including committing, pushing, tagging, changelog generation and subtree splitting so each package can be released stand-alone and imported with OpenUPM or Git.

Video of using ubump's interactive CLI mode.


Here’s how my articles on relate to samples in this project:

DOTS Navigation with Auto-Jumping Agents and Movable Surfaces

The DOTS navigation scripts and demos are self-contained so you can use them in your project.

Video of navigation agents jumping across moving surfaces.


Video of agents spawning and avoiding obstacles.


Video of an agent moving to point-and-clicked destinations.


Pointing and Clicking with Unity ECS

Video of changing prefab colors with Unity ECS.


Projectile Motion with Unity DOTS

Video of projectile motion demonstration with Unity DOTS.


Random Number Generation with Unity DOTS




Selectively Running Systems in Scenes with Unity ECS


Spawning Prefabs with Unity ECS

Video of spawning prefabs with Unity ECS.


Linux & You

Linux users may need to do some extra work to get the project and/or packages up and running.

Mono Setup

Install Mono by following these directions.

Burst Prerequisite Setup

On Ubuntu I couldn’t use the Burst compiler until I manually installed gcc-multilib and libncurses5 with:

sudo apt install gcc-multilib libncurses5

You may have these libraries already, or you could be experiencing a different problem. Be sure to read any error messages the Unity Editor outputs.

Contributor Agreement

By submitting a pull request, you agree to license your work under this project’s MIT license.

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