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Random walk cave generation algorithm example created on Unity

Unity 2019.3.0b10MIT LicenseUpdated 246 days agoCreated on October 2nd, 2016
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Random Walk Caves Generator

RWCG (Random Walk Caves generator) is procedural 2D caves generation system written for Unity.

Install Package

Git upm package link https://github.com/vmp1r3/RandomWalkCavesGenerator.git#upm

Cave generation process

Cave generation in Matrix object.

Cave’s data is generating inside seperate Matrix object according to size property and pseudorandom algorithm’s result. On this stage, matrix is filling recursive by walking to different random directions. Each seed returns same results so if you want to save your result just save seed that you’ve used to generate cave.

Mesh generation

After matrix is generated, EnvironmentGenerator component, generates separete matrices by slicing main matrix into separete chunks and provides them to the MeshGenerator component which generates Unity’s Meshes.

cave 1 cave 2

Normals and separate chunks.

normals chunks


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