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Unity Editor Extension which enables controlling Scene View's FoV

Unity 2017.4.1f1MIT LicenseUpdated 3 years agoCreated on February 5th, 2017
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Unity Editor Extension Controls Field of View (FoV) in Scene View

Wide angle Telescopic (narrow angle)
WideFov NarrowFov

One thing people repeatedly say is missing in Unity Editor’s Scene View is that there is no way to control the Field of View (FoV). With this extension, you will now be able to do this using the Unity Editor’s private API.

How to use

  • Import this .unitypackage to your Unity project.
    • Import from the file by selecting “Assets > Import Package > Custom Package.”
  • You will be able to do the following in Scene View after importing.
Keyboard/Mouse Effect Note
FoV button in the toolbar of Scene View Toggle FoV mode (auto / manual)
Ctrl + Alt + Wheel Changes FoV
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Wheel Changes FoV (high speed) Unavailable on Mac
Ctrl + Alt + O Increases FoV (wide angle)
Ctrl + Alt + P Reduces FoV (narrow angle/telescopic)
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + O Increases FoV (high speed, wide angle)
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + P Reduces FoV (high speed, narrow angle/telescopic)

You can also right click the FoV button to use the following functionalities

Menu name Effect Note
FoV : Auto (Default behaviour) Set FoV mode to “Auto” “Auto” means Unity Editor’s normal behaviour
FoV : Manual Set FoV mode to “Manual”
Reset Slave Camera Reset Slave Camera
Slave Camera submenu You can select a camera which follows SceneView If there’re multiple Scene/GameView, you can set them independently

Changing and Saving Settings

Select “Edit” > “Scene View FoV Settings” in the Unity Editor menu to open the settings window.

Item Meaning
FoV Speed Changes FoV speed
FoV Shift Modifier Multiplier Multiplies the modifier speed when pressing Shift
Min FoV Minimizes FoV (angular unit)
Max FoV Maximizes FoV (angular unit)
Save Saves the settings
Restore Default Settings Restores the default settings
Restore Saved Settings Restores the saved settings
Close Closes the window


This package needs Unity 5.5 or greater. I’ve checked this package with Unity 5.5, 5.6 and 2017.1.


  • Slave Camera mode is based on SyncCamera by @anchan828.



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