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Example Unity project using the Processor-Profile System pattern

Unity 2019.3.0f3MIT LicenseUpdated 257 days agoCreated on January 3rd, 2020
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Example Unity project using the Processor-Profile System pattern

Banner You can play the demo here through the browser.


Unity version: 2019.30f3. Downgrading should not be a problem for recent versions.

This is a simple shooter game. All characters are rolling balls with a gyroscopic turret. Enemies and health potions spawn randomly within the player’s radius.

PPS Implementation

This project has three* Systems/MonoBehaviours:

  • World: All physical/visible entities and subsystems are handled by the World system.
  • UI: System dedicated to firing UI events from World system’s events.
  • Audio: System dedicated to firing audio clips from World system’s events.
  • Network: This has been left blank as it is not implemeneted, but would be the fourth essential System in case of multiplayer.

*when counting MonoBehaviours, it is disregarded MonoBehaviours that only act as a delegate for handling Collision events (i.e. CollisionDelegate.cs), as Unity does not allow for that to be done through the Collider component directly

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