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ECS for Unity with full game state automatic rollbacks

Unity 2019.3.9f1MIT LicenseUpdated 200 days agoCreated on January 2nd, 2020
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ME.ECS - it's ECS implementation for Unity Engine with full state automatic rollbacks. In general ME.ECS could be used for multiplayer real-time strategy games (or any tcp-based) because of Network support out of the box with automatic rollbacks. You can set up tick time for your game and ME.ECS will store your state and automatically sync game instances using minimum traffic (just user RPC calls, no full game sync required).

License: MIT

Example Repository


Link Description
Video Tutorials Here are some links to youtube channel which shows how to use some features
Classes All classes and structures used in ME.ECS
Deterministic Operations Deterministic Operations like Random and GetHashCode in collections
Default Modules Describe default modules included in ME.ECS by default
Create World Describe how to create new world and set up your empty project
Create Feature How to create new feature
Create System How to create new system
Create Module How to create new module
Create Entity How to create new entity
Create Component How to create new component
Create Filter How to create new filter
Create Marker How to create new marker
Register Prefabs How to register prefab in ME.ECS
Instantiate View How to instantiate view from previously registered prefab
Update Views How to update views with entity data
Send User Input How to send user inputs to systems
Send UI Events How to send events from UI to systems
Receive User Input How to receive markers in systems
Send and Receive RPC Calls How to register object in NetworkModule, send and receive RPC packages
Defines Define usage
Code Generators Code Generators usage
Pathfinding Package Here are Pathfinding Package readme

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