Simple Sprite Tile 2D

#Simple Sprite Tile 2D

Unity Extension Type: 2D & Sprite Management

moogle’s simple sprite tile 2D Unity Editor Extension

This extension is Requires Unity 5.x or higher. I didn’t test it under lower unity versions. But you can test it by yourself.

I decided to make a tile-based top-down game with Unity. But unfortunately, Unity’s default sprite-tile system are too hard to use in Editor Mode. So ,This extension can auto-generate tile prefabs with one simple texture.You can quickly make tiles that automatically find neighbors around them, and Auto-Update sprites to fit tiles just like the RPG - Maker tile map.


  • Auto snap & adjust Tiles

Extension Preview

  • Sorting Layer Management

Extension Preview 2


  • Auto snap tiles to grid and adjust child sprites for tile
  • Esay Drag & Drop Editor Window for tile prefab creation
  • Support JSON template for prefab batch creation.
  • Add Custom material for 2D pixel Games.
  • Auto update Z-order (sorting order) in scene
  • Randomize tiles creation
  • Lower Draw call


It is very easy to create RPG Maker - STYLE tiles for Unity.

  1. Draw A bitmap like the RPG Maker tilemap.
  2. Click [Tools/Simple Sprite Tiles 2D /Tile Prefab Creator] in Unity and drag texture on the editor panel
  3. Toggle [Tile ] and Write the tile size and pixel per unit values. Then press [Edit Texture], make sure the sprites are correct.
  4. If you want to add custom material , drag your material to the material field.
  5. Create Prefab, Add Tile Panel, set the tile-layer name and drag tiles to your game scene.

Advance Usage

This extension supports tiles auto-generation with json. You could write your own json files (see sample.json) and load it with your texture.

I wrote a sample code to show how to make a json (see : /Scprits/JsonBuilder/TestGenJSON.cs). It‘s a simple class.

Click [Tools/Simple Sprite Tiles 2D /Tile Prefab Creator] ,toggle [Load From JSON] and add your texture & json files.

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The MIT License (MIT)

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