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Unity Project Assets for YouTube Tutorial

Unity 2019.2.17f1MIT LicenseUpdated 181 days agoCreated on January 13th, 2020
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Unity Project Assets for YouTube Tutorial

Unity | Tips | Buttons and Toggles | Android Unity tutorial detailing typical button and toggle usage within your game, geared towards the Android platform. Types of buttons covered in this video depict direct website access, ‘more games’ ( direct link to your Google Play store ), ‘rate us’ market links, and how to set up an ‘email’ button covering email address and subject automation. Within the toggle section, I showcase how you might use a typical toggle for any ‘function’ that you may want to switch on or off during your game, such as a ‘vibration’ mode, etc and the secondary toggle I talk about, is how to set up a toggle to mute music or sound effects within your game. PlayerPrefs is also covered, showcasing how we can ‘save’ these toggle states.


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