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FPS: Unity3D My First Game Tutorial

I attempted to build upon the scaffolding for an FPS game provided by the Unity beginner kit. The player navigates an open area, shooting at enemies.

I learned the layout of the Unity engine interface. I also got comfortable clicking around the scene of the game and editing small things like color.

There were some concepts that I did not fully grasp, so I decided to do another 3D tutorial, which is described below. Github did not like the amount of files and file size of the entire project, so only the build files have been uploaded.

Tutorial Link: https://learn.unity.com/tutorial/create-your-first-unity-project#

JohnLemon Unity3D Tutorial

I attempted to build a stealth-based game, following the John Lemon’s Haunted Jaunt 3D Beginner Tutorial. The player walks through a haunted house populated by gargoyle sentries and roaming ghosts. The goal is to escape the house without being seen by the dangerous residents.

I learned the basics of interacting with Unity and some new concepts such as prefabs and navigation meshes. I learned some C# scripting and how to build a cohesive game with a reasonable difficulty level.

I had difficulty with some of the scripting: I ran into some bugs that were resolved by fixing very specific typos. Some of the concepts were a little hand-wavy and glossed over; however, I grasped the majority of things that were new to me.

Tutorial Link: https://learn.unity.com/project/john-lemon-s-haunted-jaunt-3d-beginner

Creator Kit: RPG

I attempted to build a small-scale RPG. I built upon the RPG template provided by the beginner kit. The player moves about a small map, interacting with an NPC and participating in a very short story.

I gained more confidence creating and editing items in the Unity menus and gained insight on how to craft a story together by weaving creative and technical elements together.

I had some difficulty with the tutorial’s wording: it was vague at times. Otherwise, this was the easiest of the three tutorials. Github was also not a fan of the size and quantity of these files, so only the build has been uploaded.

Tutorial Link: https://learn.unity.com/project/creator-kit-rpg

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