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Multiplayer game built with using Unity and Photon PUN2. Typical top-down shooting, deatch match.

Unity 2019.2.8f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 213 days agoCreated on January 13th, 2020
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Secure the Village is a multiplayer game. I built it using unity and Photon PUN2.

Actually this game built for my course project whose name network programming in computer games.

It’s a 2d top-down shooting game. Your character will follow your mouse position.

The game has a deathmatch scenario so whose got 10 kills, will win the match. At the same time in every 40 seconds, health boost and the bomb will be spawned in the map with the random position. So if the player enters a collision with a health boost, it will increase its health but if the player enters a collision with a bomb, it will cause it to die. So players have to be careful while fighting each other. Whenever a player dies, it will respawn in 10 seconds.

As I said, at the end whose got 10 kills, will go to win screen,others will go to lose screen. After win and lose screen, the game will automatically take players to the main screen in 10 seconds.

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