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內Third Person Character Controller for unity內

Unknown VersionUnknown LicenseUpdated 2 days agoCreated on January 6th, 2020
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Highly customizable third person character for quick set up for prototyping your game
No need of any assets from the asset store. All created in pure C#
Check wiki if you want to know more

Physic-based character that uses rigidbody Physic-based character
Top-down Supports different camera views, such as normal 3RD person action camera, top-down camera, side-view camera
Built in damage system with armour, damage type, different hurtboxes for the charachter, etc Attack
Combo Fast and strong combo attacks that could be mixed together
Sliding & crouching and other types of movement Crouching
Tets Integration Tests that help you find bugs in early stages of development
Code was built with an idea to be expanded Code


  • Cameras: 3rd person action, top-down, side-view
  • Movements: ground, midair, crouch, slide, attack
  • Root motion
  • Jump
  • Combo system
  • Timer manager
  • Invincibility time after taking damage
  • Armour calculation(not the meshes)
  • Tests

Work still in progress,
See the progress on Trello

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