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Improve your workflow inside Unity 3D Editor

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The tool will speed up your workfloe inside unity editor.


  1. Go to release page.
  2. Download the lates release of the package.
  3. Import it to your unity project.


  • Creating whole folder structure of a project with only one click .
  • Creating ‘Level Group’ hierarchy with one click.
  • Grouping selected objects inside the hierarchy.
  • Creating Game Manager.
  • Creating Global Input.
  • Replacing an object from assets with another object from hierarchy.
  • Exporting selected gameobject as a single .obj or exporting each selected gameobjects as different .obj files.
  • Creating UI Canvas group with 'ReusableUI ’ attached.


Creating Folder Structure

  1. Click Editor Utility>Project Tools>Create Project Folders .
  2. Type a game name then click Create Folder Structure.
  3. Folder structure has been created in Assets folder.

Creating Level Manager

  1. Click Editor Utility>Scene Tools>Create Level Group.
  2. Level group created in hierarchy.

Grouping/Ungrouping Selected Objects In Hierarchy

  1. Select two objects in hierarchy.
  2. Click Editor Utility>Scene Tools>Group Selected
  3. A window will be opened. Set a group name there.
  4. Click ‘Group Selected’ .
  5. Done !

For ungrouping

  1. Select only the parent object.
  2. Click Editor Utility>Scene Tools>Group Selected
  3. A window will be opened. Click ‘UnGroup Selection’ there.
  4. Done !

Creating Input

  1. Click Editor Utility>Scene Tools>Create Inputs.
  2. A gameobject created in hierarchy with the Global Input script attached.

Creating Game Manager

  1. Click Editor Utility>Scene Tools>Create Game Manager.
  2. A gameobject created in hierarchy with the Game Manager script attached.

Object Replacement

  1. Click Editor Utility>Scene Tools>Object Replacement.
  2. A new window will be opened. You can observe selected object count there.
  3. Select a target object then press Replace Selected .
  4. Done !. !! Note that each selected object in hierarchy will be replaced by the target object.!!

Exporting .obj

  1. Select object(s) from hierarchy.
  2. Head to Editor Utility>Level Tools
  3. Choose Export Selected to single OBJ or Export Each Selected to OBJ as you wish.
  4. Set a destination and a new name for the .obj in the opened file dialog.

Creating UI Group

  1. Click Editor Utility>UI Tools>Create UI Canvas Grp
  2. UI Canvas Group created inside the hierarchy window .

Video Tutorial

Will be added soon.


Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.


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