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Custom extensions for the Unity MapMagic asset

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Map Magic Extensions

Custom extensions for the Map Magic procedural terrain generator for the Unity 3D game engine.

Map Generators

  • Chance - takes a single matrix input and routes it to a randomly selected output, based on a weighted probability. (Similar to the “Split” generator for objects)

  • Pick - randomly chooses one of the attached inputs based on weighted probability and routes it to the single output. (The complement of “Chance”)

Object Generators

  • Single Point - outputs a single object location either based on an exact specified position (specified in worldspace coordinates or relative to terrain), or at a single random position chosen within a specified boundary.

  • Regular Spaced - outputs a series of object locations in a regular grid, based on a specified X and Z spacing.

  • 1D Scatter - a modification of the built-in scatter generator that only places object locations along a line of fixed Z axis.


Simply download and copy to anywhere in your project’s Assets folder. The new generator types will appear under the “Custom” menu option of the MapMagic editor window.


The following graph has a 2/3 chance of creating desert, and a 1/3 chance of creating swamp biome. Chance

The following graph picks either the Constant, Noise, or Voronoi generator to create the heightmap, with equal probability. Pick

The following graph places a single cube on the terrain at coordinates somewhere between (300,120) and (400,150). Pick

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