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Simple visual novel game tool for Unity.

Unity 2018.4.6f1MIT LicenseUpdated 1 year agoCreated on January 19th, 2020
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Simple visual novel game sample for Unity. Can display a character and background images and text by ScriptableObject. I hope you can customize this sample easily!

The function for now.

  • Create plots by ScriptableObject (Can set data on Unity inspecter).
  • Display one character image on three position (left, center and right of screen).
  • Display text by the four way (Title, conversation, quote, discription).

I may add other function such a select command for a branch story or a simple action game in novel, but at now this is just for displaying a text and picture.


  1. Import this project or StoryData.cs and StoryManager.cs in Assets/Script/*.

  2. Create stroy plot from Create/Story/Createplot of Project menu into Resources/StoryPlot/*. (Can change this path if fixing load path in StoryManager.cs)

  3. Make asset’s name StoryN(int numbe) and then set story data. (Get this file from Resources by int number)

  • Size: The length of this story
  • Scene text: Displayed text
  • Text role: Change the position and size of text
  • Model: Displayed image (*1)
  • Model Number: Change the picture of model (*2)
  • Speaker: Displayed the name avobe conversation
  • ModelPos: Change the model position
  • Field: Displayed background image (*1)
  • Field Number: Change the picture of field (*2)

*1 Need to set some name in StoryData.cs in after use this script.

*2 If a project need not change the image type (Ex. angry face, joy face), remove this part from StoryData.cs.

  1. Import a image into Resource/StoryImage/*.

  2. Attach to a object in hierarchy and set some ui.

  3. Add event trriger to the field image and regsiter LoadNextPart of StoryManager.cs to PointerUP event.

Use 's image in this project.

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