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Unity shaders made in a mix of HLSL and Shader Graph

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Unity shaders made in a mix of HLSL and Shader Graph

This project is used to try out new shaders from various tutorials

Shader Graph Shaders:

Breath of the Wild Style Toon Shaders made following this post : (Basically a toon shader with rim lighting and textured specular highlights)

Simple Toon Shader - Uses a simplified lighting model to determine shadow vs. Midtone vs. Highlight. Also has a parameter that can lighting edge sharpness.

Toon Water Shader - Simple water. Bright like the wind waker

Ocean Shader (2 variants) - Water shaders that look like the ocean. Uses sliding noise textures

Lambertian Lighting Shader - A simple shader that

Blinn-Phong Lighting Shader - A slightly more complicated shader that uses the Blinn-Phong model

Shaders made using Shaderlab:

All the shaders below were made by following guides by Alan Zucconi -

Smoke Shader (Simulation Shader)

Stencil Shader (Uses Stencil buffer to create overlapping geometry – really like this one)

Image Overlay shader (overlays an image over the screen. Really simple shader, but useful)

Color Mixing Shader - This shader takes alters the screen so that it displays in black and white, chromatic and other variants to simulate what different types of colorblind people will see

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