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Unity system to easily test and apply ease transitions/tweens to component values

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ETS - Ease Transitions System

ETS is a tool to easily test and apply ease transitions to component values in Unity.
Tween 2D and 3D animations quickly with a simple but powerful system that allows for user flexibility.

ETS allows for time based transitions to properties in components (Position.X value in Transform).
Values are dynamically transitioned so that values will not snap and instead continue the transition from anywhere.

ETS has a ridiculously low overhead, only containing a single MonoBehaviour Update() to transition all set GameObjects.

Of course, the gif showcase above was made in Unity with ETS.

View the ETS Wiki for usage and documentation

Warning: There was a major mistake in data file serialization
Attempting to use older data files with the editor window may wipe saved transitions
Please make a backup of any data files created with release 1.0 before using it in the master branch version
It is recommended to finish editing old data files with release 1.0 and exporting to script

Feel free to ignore this if you have not used ETS or it’s editor window before


Download and install straight from the Asset Store.
Download from releases and extract the contents into your Unity project’s assets folder.

More installation and setup instructions found in the Setup Guide.

Supported Components

  • Transform
  • Camera
  • Light
  • Sprite Renderer
  • Rect Transform
  • CanvasGroup
  • Image
  • Text

Full list of supported components and fields found here.

Editor Window

ETS comes with a custom editor window that can be found under [Tools/Ease Transitions Editor].

The custom editor window allows for:

  • Organization of transitions with groups and objects
  • Applying transitions quickly with ease (ba-dum tsss)
  • Visualization and testing of one or more transitions simultaneously in the editor (without using the play button)
  • Exporting to code easily by displaying template code

Full Usage and Documentation.

ETS can be used to apply transitions to gameobjects with or without the editor window.

Warning: Unity has a new UI in 2019.3
Editor Window UI is designed for version 2019.3
Editor Window UI for versions 2019.2 and older is different and messy, but will still work


4 diamonds, each being transitioned from 30 to 0 in 2 seconds.
The timers at the bottom show when each diamond reaches the end.
Diamonds closer to the end take less time than diamonds further from the end.
Diamonds past the start do not take longer than the set duration.

Each ball is transitioned from top to bottom with different ease functions.

More examples coming eventually…

To Do

Future Considerations

  • Seperate UI for 2019.2 and older
  • Visualize ease curves
  • Custom ease curves
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