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The unity plugin for interactive design

Unknown VersionGNU General Public License v3.0Updated 164 days agoCreated on January 1st, 2020
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The unity plugin for interactive design


Why use ETool

  • Great tool to make game logic

    the user don't have to understand programming

  • Easy to use

    if user have problem with node, user can always right click check its description

  • Clean

    The editor is clean and intuitive, nothing fancy


  • Put ETool folder into (project folder)/assets/


  • Basic number calculation

    float int long double

  • Basic logic

    and, or, not, number compare, math etc..

  • Transform (local global) (position rotate scale eular_angle) manipulate

    transform method support

  • Public Protected Private event support

    user can create your own function

  • Public Protected Private variable support

    user can create your own variable

  • Array support

    data support array type

  • Blueprint inherit (In Development)

    blueprint multiple inherit support

  • GameData scriptable_object

    user can create a gamedata asset in scenes, make your own database. gamedata also support import and export

  • Component type support

    there are little type this plugin support right now

  • Node Error

    When lost needs connection it will tell you

  • Multiple language support

    user can import or export your language package

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