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Team Klementine Game Project for Gamecelerator 2019 - 1st Place Winner

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 350 days agoCreated on May 25th, 2019
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Gamecelerator 2019 - Team Klementine - 1st Place Winner

Project Description

The Emperor’s Son is a 2D action game. You play as a great warrior, Klemenori Raven, who is looking for revenge against evil. You rely on modern weapons, magic swords or spells in order to crush your enemies. As you explore the future, you need to choose between the dark path and the noble one. Don’t forget, young samurai, your choices are important and change the world.


  • 2D Action Platformer

Core Gameplay Mechanics Brief

  1. Interaction

  2. Movement

  3. Teleport

  4. Combat

  5. Story Telling

  6. Sanity

Influences (Brief)

Love, death + Robots

  • TV series

  • Unique artstyle on every episode

  • Fast paced action with lots of fighting

Samurai Jack

  • TV series

  • inspiration for the story(plot)

  • elements of art

  • main mechanics(combat)


  • teleport

  • moral choices

What sets this project apart? ✔️

  • Combining cartoonish art with anime-styled elements

  • Though ethic-based decisions make the game more appealing

The gameplay loop:

  • Explore the world of the future

  • Kill enemies

  • Find charms to open the gate for the next world

  • Kill(or not) boss for a better world

  • Hunt or be hunted

Targeted platforms

  • PC
  • Mobile
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