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The official repository for Global Game Jam 2020! Made with love, in Unity <3

Unity 2019.3.0f6MIT LicenseUpdated 21 days agoCreated on February 1st, 2020
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Tomb Keeper - The Global Game Jam 2020 game

Image of Tomb Keeper

This is the official repository for Tomb Keeper, a game made by 666 team, for Global Game Jam 2020! Also made with love, in Unity ❤️


You’re the tomb keeper in the city’s graveyard. During night, weird things happen and a lot of damage is done to the tombstones! You must repair them before the gates open in the next morning, when the visitors arrive. For how long can you keep the graveyard in good conditions?

Jam Site

Sampa Diversa

Jam Year




Tools And Technologies


Game Tags

2D Action Top-Down



  • Débora Tavares (debdebwen) - 2D artist and animator
  • Okami Yukino (yuki) - assistant

Game Design

  • Daniela Reigas (danikiedis) - gd/production
  • Vitor Vieira - script assistant


  • Willians Rodrigues


  • Gustavo Andrade (gustaandrade)
  • Paulo Borges

Sound FX

  • all SFX under CC license downloaded from
  • edited by danikiedis
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