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A xNode based tool for designing AI Graphs like Behavior Trees and Finite State Machines in Unity

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 23 days agoCreated on August 17th, 2018
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Planilo (based on xNode)


A set of tools for designing AI in a visual node editor on unity. Use for:

  • Behavior Trees.
  • Finite State Machines.
  • Implement your own AI graphs.

Key features

  • A visual editor for Behavior Trees, Finite State Machines and the basis to create other types of AI tools.
  • AI graphs implemented as reusable scriptable objects, same instance can be run by multiple GameObjects.
  • Share data between the Scene an your Behavior Tree using Blackboard variables.
  • Ready implemented examples to use as guidance.
  • See highlighted nodes in runtime to understand how your AI graphs are running.
  • Modularize your AI graphs and execute them as part of nodes of other AI graphs.
  • See more in documentation

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