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Advanced modular synthesis in your Unity project!

Unity 2019.3.0f5MIT LicenseUpdated 352 days agoCreated on February 5th, 2020
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Unity DSP Graph Modular Synth

Unity DSP Graph Modular Synth is an experiment in creating modular synth using Unity’s DSP Graph preview package. It uses modified DSP Graph 0.1.0-preview.11 which allows inputs and outputs to remain not connected so that it’s easier to leave nodes without all connections. A lot of things in this project are directly inspired by VCV Rack.



  • DSP Microphone Input
    Naive implementation of microphone input in DSPGraph. Uses IAudioKernelUpdate to copy data from microphone AudioClip.
  • DSP Synthesizer Code
    Organs-like synth assembled in code with Scope and Spectrum preview on screen.
  • DSP Synthesizer Graph
    The same organs-like synth assembled in xNode graph, which allows easy realtime manipulation during playback.
    Hear this synth sound sample:


  • ADSRNode
    Simple linear ADSR envelope.
  • AttenuatorNode
    Multiplies amplitude of input signal by factor.
  • MergeNode
    Merges multiple mono inputs into single polyphonic output.
  • MidiNode
    Used MidiJack’s native library to process incoming midi events and translate them into signal outputs (Gate, Note, Retrigger).
  • MixerNode
    Mixes polyphonic input into single mono output.
  • MonoToStereo
    Takes two mono inputs and outputs stereo output.
  • OscilatorNode
    Oscilates at given frequency using sine, triangle, saw or square wave. Can be modulated by fm input or pitch input from MidiNode. Supports multiple oscilators in polyphony mode.
  • ScopeNode
    Used for drawing scope data.
  • SpectrumNode
    Used for drawing spectrum data.
  • SplitNode
    Splits single poly input into multiple mono outputs.
  • VCANode
    Multiplies two inputs together and outputs result.


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