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:rocket: Unity Plugin - boost your UI effect to another level

Unity 2019.1.14f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 20 days agoCreated on January 26th, 2020
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🚀 Particle Attractor

(Unity open source plugin) - Package contains open source code.

Boost your UI effect to another level.


📄 Examples

Simple Effect


Drawed Effect


💡 Idea

Develop particle attractor tool with a focus to the juicy specific situation in-game. For example, rewarding players or buying items in the shop, etc. The main reason for the tool is to give players better feelings from specific situations and from a game. The tool should be able to give non-technical department ability for easy use in workflow by a handy editor.

📌 Architecture


  • DOTweenCore
    • Using DOTween as the main handler for particle attraction
  • ParticleAttractor(Custom Inspector)
    • Editor site of a tool, handle an ability to creating attraction scenarios
  • ParticleAttractor
    • Particle manager which handle performance and use pre-defined particle scenarios from the stage before
  • ParticleAttractorHelper
    • The static class which contain supported methods like data getters or data structures
  • ParticleAttractorPool
    • Shared obj pool with flyweight optimization on objects
  • API
    • Prepared accessibility for easy implementation in the game

📝 List of features

  • Ability setup effect without coding
  • Similar to Particle System
  • Two spawn modes (OneFrame,SeveralFrames)
  • Ability draw particle path by hand
  • Handy tool inspector
  • Easy API to use


Scenario API

Following functions are using for particle scenario.

  • Transform_DoScale(Vector3 toScale, float duration)
    • Scale in duration time
  • Transform_DoScale_UpDown(Vector3 toScaleUp,Vector3 toScaleDown, float duration)
    • ScaleUp and scaleDown in duration time (using for popup effect)
  • Transform_DoMove(float duration)
    • Move obj from Source to Destination property in duration time
  • Transform_DoMove_SetTarget(Transform toTransform, float duration)
    • Move obj from the source property to target transform in duration time
  • Transform_DoRotate(Vector3 toRotate, float duration)
    • Sequence rotate obj into a rotate direction in duration time
  • SpriteRenderer_DoFade(float toFade, float duration)
    • Sequence make a fade effect on sprite from actual value to fade value in duration time
    • fade value range 0 to 255
  • Sequence_DoDelayInRange(Vector2 rangeFloatParam)
    • System sequence which does delay before the next sequence from scenario will be invoked
  • Tweener Transform_DODrawMove(float duration)
    • Sequence move obj across hand defined path

Particle Attractor API

Particle Attractor API is powered by Builder Patter for universal and easy usability.

  • SetSourceTransform( Transform source )
  • SetDestinationTransform( Transform destination )
  • SetSpawnImage( Sprite image )
  • SetSpawnAmount( int amount )
  • InvokeSpawn()
  • InvokeSafeSpawn()
    • Attractor check own state, if should be invoked
  • InvokeSafeSpawn(Transform sourcePosition)
  • Attractor check own state, if should be invoked
    • sourceTransform used as a default source of particle spawn
  • SetAttractorSetupState( bool value)
    • Setup if attractor is configured and ready for Invoke → means this config will be used by next spawn
    • Used in special cases when Invoke is called from another place then config
  • SetAsActive()
    • Means currently PA has an active process
  • SetAsDeactivated()
    • Means currently PA has not active process & is ready for use

📦 Installing

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