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Unity sample of 3D pose estimation using Barracuda

Unity 2019.2.12f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 11 days agoCreated on February 12th, 2020
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Unity sample of 3D pose estimation using Barracuda


ThreeDPoseUnityBarracuda is a sample source which read the onnx by Barracuda and do threeD pose estimation on Unity. the accuracy got better than pre model.
*Be aware of that the target should be only one person. It does not work for multi target.

This sample lets the avatar named as “Unity chan” behaves same as the man on real time by estimating the 3D positions on the movie.


Created with Unity ver 2019.2.12f1.
We use Barracuda 0.4 to load onnx.
By updating the version to 0.5, it seems like the speed get slower.
Now we are still trying 0.5 version.

Performance Report


GeForce RTX2060 SUPER ⇒ About 30 FPS
GeForce GTX1070 ⇒ About 20 FPS

Install and Tutorial

Download and put files

  1. Put the folders named ad “Assets” and “Packages” in your Unity Project.
    Now we have added project settings to the code. So please just download/clone them to your local PC.

  2. Download onnx from our home page by clicking following URL in our HP.

Settings in Unity Inspector

  1. Open the Unity project with Unity Editor and put the onnx file in /Assets/Scripts/Model/ In this action, the onnx file is being converted into NNModel type of Barracuda automatically.

  2. Open “SampleScene” in “Scene” folder.
    If dialog shows up, please choose “Don’t save”.

  3. Set model
    Drag the NNModel you put before in Assets/Scripts/Model/ and drop it to “NN Model” in Gameobject named as “BarracudaRunner” in Inspector view. unity_inspector.PNG

  4. Start Debug
    Now you can see real time motion capture by starting Debug. unity_wiper_too_big.PNG

    But sometimes the avatar get out of the box like above screen shot.

  5. Arrange Size
    In this case, you should arrange the number in “Video Background Scale” of “MainTexture”.
    The range is 0.1 ~ 1 and the default value is 1.
    Here please set this 0.8.

  6. Start Debug anain
    As you can see, the size of the avater fit the box. unity_wiper_size_suit.PNG

※Other Option

・ Choose Video
You can choose the target video.
Put the video you choose in Assets/Video/, and then drag the file and drop it to Video Clip of “Video Player”.

・Choose Avatar
There are two types of avatar in this Scene.
You can change the avatar easily in inspector view.
Firstly activate Gameobject named as “Tait” and deactivate “unitychan”.
Secondly drag the Gameobject and drop it to “V Nect Model” of “BarracudaRunner”.

*To determin direction of the face of avatar, a gameobject which works as nose has been added in those of avatars.
 So if you would like to adopt your original avatar, please add the nose referencing the code.

・Use Web Camera By checking “Use Web Cam”, you can change the input images.

・Skip On Drop
If “Skip On Drop” in Video Player checked, VideoPlayer is allowed to skip frames to catch up with current time.


If you want to record the motion, the following package might be suitable.


・Non-commercial use only.Please use it freely for hobbies and research. When redistributing, it would be appreciated if you could enter a credit (Digital-Standard Co., Ltd.).Please contact us if you want to use it for commercial purposes.

・The videos named as “Action_with_wiper.mp4”( original video: and “onegai_darling.mp4”(original video: contained in this code are not copyright free. So you should not use those of files in other places without permission.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us from following URL.
Contact form:

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