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A unity project to help w/singing skills

Unity 2019.3.0f6Unknown LicenseUpdated 197 days agoCreated on February 9th, 2020
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GetWellTuned VR

GetWellTuned VR is a Karaoke training game based on some of the theory behind exposure therapy research. The idea is to learn to sing better while getting used to being the center of attention on a Karaoke stage!

We hope this can help individuals improve their singing in the privacy of their own homes so they can gain the confidence to sing with others.

Usage Instructions


To install sideload the GetWellTunedVR.apk file onto your VR headset


After booting the application you will find yourself in the center of a Karaoke stage.

Song / preferences selection

  • Walk over the the Jukebox (behind you in the back left corner) to make the song selection UI visible.
  • When in front of the jukebox a UI will appear. Here you can select the song you want to sing as well as the size of the audience. Note that background audience members are always present and do not react to singing, the audience size option controls the size of the reactive portion of the audience. Point at a button with your controller and press the ‘A’ key to select an option. Options will turn green when they are locked in.
  • Note: you can return to this jukebox at any point during the song to reset the stage and then select a new song.

Singing / performance

  • Once a song is selected it will start playing.
  • Return to the center of the stage and look up you will see a visualization of
    • the lyrics as well as the pacing of the song
    • a visualization of your current pitch as well as the target
    • your score (turns green when increasing / you are hitting the correct note)
  • When you sing and hit the correct note you can expect to see the audience (if you opted to have one) react to your singing with applause. The croud will also react to distinct gestures like raising your hands over your head to “hype them up.”
  • When you move around the stage the tiles will light up as you move over them, this also adds to your movement score. You are encouraged to make good use of the virtual space during your performance.
  • When the song is over you will be presented with a final score report card and you will be free to return to the jukebox to select another song.
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