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Fence Layout tool for Unity

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 83 days agoCreated on February 12th, 2020
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Unity Fence Layout Tool

A Unity script and editor extension for quickly laying out fences and lines of objects.

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General info

There are a few fence editing tools on the Unity Asset Store, but no free ones. Creating a simple tool to lay out some objects in a line seemed like a good learning opportunity. The tool now has a fully functional editor for visually dropping in, moving and deleting waypoints. The most complicated feature is the shear transform optionally applied to fences to map them over uneven terrains.


Developed and tested on Unity 2019.3. Not tested on any earlier version, but it’s not that complicated so shouldn’t require many tweaks to get working.


See the video tutorial: https://youtu.be/vT0lnwtPz3o Or full documentation is included in the package: /PolygonPi/FenceLayout/UserManual.rtf


  • Click and drag editing of waypoints
  • Shearing so fences map smoothly to underlying terrain
  • Extra position / rotation / scale randomisation options for objects (e.g. trees)
  • Random selection from multiple prefabs


Version 1.0 is complete and available on the Unity Asset Store.


Created by @polygonpi - feel free to contact me!

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