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FH Wedel 360° with Gesture Detection

The Gesture Detection extension brings intuitive motion control into the interactive FH Wedel 360° project.

The authors are Sven Maack and Marian P. Gajda.

The supporting professor is Prof. Dr. Christian-Arved Bohn.

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You need the original 360° projects with all its assets.

Building and Executing

  • Clone the repository and copy the contents of the original project into it without overriding any files.
  • Start Unity with the modified version of the 360° project.
  • Add the webcam script, which is the main file for the gesture detection. You can do it by selecting the MainCameraUI in the Hierarchy view of Unity. There you can with the Add Component action at the Inspector view add the script webcam. If not automatically included you have to add the backgroundExtractor shader to the component aswell.



Copyright 2019 - 2020 FH Wedel

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