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Add this package to get more functionality for Unity's Editor.

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Pablo’s Unity Misc Tools

Add this package to get more functionality for Unity’s Editor.

Adding the package to your project

Add the package to your project by adding this in your manifest.json-file, located in the Packages-folder of your Unity Project:

  "dependencies": {
    "com.paalo.unity-misc-tools": "",

Stuff included:

Bulk Rename Utility

Rename, find and replace, add prefix/suffix and enumerate the names of the GameObjects in your Hierarchy!

Bulk Rename Utility 3 0

Create scripts from own template

Use the default template or use a custom script template. Good tool to use if you’ve got a namespace which you want all your new scripts to end up in.

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Set Audio Clips Utility

A tool which lets you select all audio clips in a folder and then apply them to the GameObjects with AudioSources on that you have selected in the hierearchy. Saves you the time of having to manually drag and drop an audio clip for each AudioSource. Very useful when working with MasterAudio’s SoundGroup Variations.

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