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Simulation of self-driving vehicles in Unity. This is also an implementation of the Hybrid A* pathfinding algorithm which is useful if you are interested in pathfinding for vehicles.

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Let’s say you are standing somewhere in a room and would like to find the shortest path to a goal. You can see a few obstacles, such as a table, that you would like to avoid. The easiest way to solve the problem (if you are a computer) is to divide the room into many small squares (cells) and then use the common A* (A Star) search algorithm to find the shortest path. But what if you are a car and can’t turn around 360 degrees like a human can, then you have a problem! Well, at least until you learn the Hybrid A Star search algorithm. With that algorithm you will be able to find a drivable path to the goal.

Click for YouTube video of the algorithm in action:


You can read more about it here:

To make this project work you need Unity. I’ve used Unity 2017 and 2018 but other versions should work as well.

The car and the truck can follow the generated paths with great accuracy, but the truck with trailer is not that good at following the path. The reason is that I’m not taking into account the position of the trailer when the truck with trailer is following the path with the pid controller, and I haven’t found a solution to that yet!


  • Is it working on Unity’s Navmesh? No, it’s not! The algorithm needs a grid with cells to be able to remove unnecessary nodes, or you will end up with an infinite amount of nodes.


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