Unity 2d Parallax


Fast, customizable, and easy to use toolset for 2D Parallaxing in Unity. To get started simply import the Parallax2D package into your project. See the “Quick Start Guide” or “Default” scene to get started.

Quick Start Guide

A no BS guide to setting up parallaxing in a few minutes with any 2D scene.

  1. Import the Parallax2D package
  2. Include a Parallax2D script in your scene
  3. Assign values to “Auto Parallax Tag” and “Auto Parallax Tag Group”
  4. Assign proper tags to the items you want to parallax
  5. Click play and you’re done

Advanced Usage

For advanced configuration of a parallax layer, manually add a ParallaxLayer component to whatever you want to move. Below are a few of the options you can customize.

  • Custom parallax speeds
  • Self moving (motorized)
  • Advanced repeat configuration


Tick the debug option on a repeating ParallaxLayer component to display an outline of the repeat boundary.