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An abandoned project with goal to bring Quake II physics to Unity engine.

Unity 2019.1.4f1GNU General Public License v2.0Updated 41 days agoCreated on February 23rd, 2020
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An abandoned project with goal to bring Quake II movement physics to Unity engine.

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Important note

For many reasons this project is no longer developed and because of that I’d rather not answer any questions about the following source code.

Movement support

The project provides a fully functional Quake II movement in Unity (while using BSP maps). The entire movement code is based on original id Software’s sources and (apparently) works exactly the same as the original.

Game file support

The game has a partial (most features are working) support of Q2 BSP map files including textures, lightmaps and collision detection. Some entities were implemented by me (for “Jump Mod” purposes).

Additionally .pak files can also be opened (automatically) in order to load original Quake II files.

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