Unity Triangulation

Unity Triangulation

A toolkit for polygon and point set triangulation in Unity.

This work is supported by Dpt.

As you’ll see computational geometry procedure return enumerators, so that we can visualize algorithms steps. It should be easy to modify these procedures to simply return the result for production use.

Point Set Triangulation

Point Set Triangulation is implemented using the Bowyer-Watson algorithm. Take a look at Geometry.Test.PointSetTriangulation for a usage example. picture alt

Polygon Triangulation

Polygon triangulation happens in two steps,

  • Polygons are subdivided in monotone polygons
  • Those monotone polygons are then triangulated

Split To Monotone Polygons

Geometry.Test.SpliToMonotoneTest provides a usage example. picture alt

Triangulate Monotone Polygon

Geometry.Test.TriangulateMonotoneTest provides a usage example. picture alt