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Adds a scene group asset to Unity Engine that allows for the seamless opening of multiple scenes at once.

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Unity Scene Groups 0.2.0

Adds a “Scene Group” asset type in the project browser that allows you to compose and save multiple scenes to be opened at once.

Scene Groups In Action

A unitypackage version can be found in the releases for easy importing to any project.


  • Add, remove and reorder the scenes however you want via the reorderable list in the inspector.

  • Specify which scene you want to be active on load, as well as which scenes you want to be loaded. The active scene will always be loaded.

  • Select which scene you want to be active when loaded with the toggle.

  • To make adding new scenes easier, you can also drag one or more scenes from the project browser onto anywhere in the inspector to append them.

  • Bonus Feature: If you hold Alt while opening any scene or multi-scene from the project view, it will load it additively instead of singly.

Preset Creation

This utility adds two new menu items with which to create scene groups:

  1. Edit > Scene Group From Open Scenes will create a scene groups from the currently open scenes. This also has the default shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S.

  2. Assets > Create > Scene Group will make a new empty scene group asset.


To open a scene group, simply open it in the project window like you would a normal scene!

Known Limitations

  • Scene Groups cannot be dragged directly into the hierarchy to be added additively like a normal scene. It’s unclear if this is even possible using available APIs.



  • Breaking Change: Now supports adding unloaded scenes to your SceneGroup assets. This is a breaking change to previous versions.
  • Some additional labels added for clarity.


  • Properly mark scene group assets as dirty when changed


  • Initial release
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