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A Unity toolkit to develop HoloLens (and other devices) apps with MeshExpert

Unity 2017.2.0b11MIT LicenseUpdated 2 years agoCreated on May 22nd, 2017
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METoolkit is a Unity toolkit for devoloping interactive mixed-reality apps for HoloLens, Surface, iPhone/iPad, Android devices, etc. It enables easy-integration with MeshExpert Live!® and MeshExpert DataMix®.

What’s New

METoolkit now supports external capture card, specifically the BlackMagic Intensity Shuttle capture card.

Note: since the Blackmagic Shuttle card only supports up to 30fps, the config parameter “Frame_Rate=60” in file “Assets/StreamingAssets/MEConfigLive.ini” should be changed to “Frame_Rate=30” if you are using Blackmagic Shuttle card.

Now Unity 2017 is supported by METoolkit from release version v2.3.0. The legacy support for Unity 5.5 is moved to another branch ‘METoolkit_2.2_ForUnity5.5.1’. The master branch is only compatible with Unity 2017. We recommend Unity 2017.2 when starting a new project.

Note: to build with Unity 2017, please set .NET version to .NET 4.6 in Unity building settings.


METoolkit consists of nine components for a wide range of functionalities.

Getting Started

Please check out the examples at Assets/DataMesh/Samples. They are runnable code samples for each modules. Also read the docs for those examples. For instance, the sample code for Anchor module can be found here and its docs are here.


For more detailed documentations for METoolkit, see the METoolkit Developer Manual.


METoolkit is opensource under MIT license. You are free to use it to create your own apps.

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