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A Game Development Toolkit for Historians

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A Game Development Toolkit for Historians

Prairie is a library of scripts for Unity that enables non-programmers to create interactive historical experiences. The goal of Prairie is to allow users to create something engaging to curious minds, while never having to touch a line of code.

Prairie brings three things together: Unity, Twine, and your 3D model.

  • Unity is the software Prairie runs on top of. In Unity, you can drag and drop Prairie components onto your game so that it interactively tells a story, without writing any code.
  • Twine is your tool for creating a narrative. With Twine, you can create create-your-own-adventure stories, in which your character can move from passage to passage down a narrative path. Prairie allows you to easily move your Twine story into your game in Unity.
  • Your 3D model is the stage on which your game will play out. You can create this using your favorite 3D modeling software (such as Blender or Sketchup). If you’re just getting started, you can try creating a story with a very basic model in this tutorial.

For tutorials and documentation, see the wiki.

Contributing to Prairie’s development

You don’t need to write any code to make a game with Prairie, but if you want to help us with the code behind the scenes, we’d love to see your contributions and pull requests! To get started, pull the code to your computer and open the project in Unity.

Directory tips

  • Add files to a folder called Ignored/ if you don’t want to commit them to the repo.
  • The Standard Assets folder is ignored.
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