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Toolkit for Unity editor script templates.

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# ScriptTemplateToolkit


  • Toolkit for Unity editor script templates.


  • Unity 5.0 or above.
  • .Net Framework 3.5 or above.


  • Quickly Edit/Save Unity editor script templates.
  • Auto insert file header comments into the new script.
  • Auto mark create date and copyright year.


  • In fact, the script templates store under the Unity editor install path, example “Unity 5.0.0f4\Editor\Data\Resources\ScriptTemplates”.
  • Unity provide the API(OnWillCreateAsset method of the AssetModificationProcessor class) to capture the event of user create asset(include script) in Unity editor.



  • Create editor code, inherit from EditorWindow class to draw our editor UI, and use our editor to Edit/Save Unity script templates.
  • Define mark string, “#CREATEDATE#” mark create date of script and “#COPYRIGHTYEAR#” mark copyright year of code.
  • Create our style script templates.


  • When you create a script file in Unity editor Project, Unity engine will copy the corresponding template to the new file.
  • Create our editor code, inherit from AssetModificationProcessor class and achieve the OnWillCreateAsset(string assetPath) method to capture the event of create asset(include script), read the new script text and replace the “#CREATEDATE#” to current date and replace the “#COPYRIGHTYEAR#” to current year.


  • Templates in the path “ScriptTemplateToolkit/Templates” provide reference to you to create your style script templates.
  • The format of copyright statement in the templates reference from the U.S. Copyright Office.




  1. Find the menu item “Tool/Script Template Editor” in Unity editor menu bar and click it or press key combination Alt+S to open the editor window.
  2. Select “Target”(example C# Script) to load the script template text to the “Content” area.
  3. Reference the [Template], edit the script template to apply your style in the “Content” area and click the “Save” button; if the notified message is “Access to the path … is denied.”, close Unity and restart it as an administrator.
  4. ScriptTemplateModifier will be work when a script(example C# Script) is created in Unity editor.


  • If the notified message is “Access to the path … is denied.” when you save the template, close your Unity and restart it as an administrator.


  • Script Template Editor.

Script Template Editor

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