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Scans for duplicate app domain assemblies and, if found, logs them and also lists in its mod options screen.

Unknown VersionMIT LicenseUpdated 119 days agoCreated on March 4th, 2020
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Detects duplicate assemblies and determines where they come from. You can subscribe it on Steam Workshop.


C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\Cities_Data\DuplicateAssemblyScanner.log:

DuplicateAssemblyScanner v1.2.0.24991
Scanning app domain assemblies for duplicates...

[>] = Assembly loaded in RAM, [*] = Mod enabled

0Harmony (5 loaded, 24 mods):
    Asm Version  MD5 Hash                         /Mod Folder   Mod name
  *      812905134bf7bd868428280d601ac573 /1372431101   Painter
> *      812905134bf7bd868428280d601ac573 /1386697922   Garbage Bin Controller
>      9b81c76b538fc2217f8df27d4d76685f /1412844620   Realistic Walking Speed      c0d7618949db5ae9bb0a6dda04b82769 /870291141    Random Train Trailers 2.1.2
  *      09cb0a9d9724f2965a4b73bb590e9a57 /1420955187   Real Time
  *      09cb0a9d9724f2965a4b73bb590e9a57 /1435741602   Snooper


Duplicate assemblies cause all sorts of weird bugs, particularly when there’s multiple versions of Harmony library.

This mod detects the presence of duplicate assemblies:

  • Summary shown in mod options screen
  • Detailed info in the DuplicateAssemblyScanner.log


It should automatically find your Managed folder so there’s usually no need to manually add reference paths.

If you run in to problems, see the TM:PE Build Guide as we use basically the same setup.


  • dymanoid for god-tier knowledge of basically everything
  • krzychu124 for MD5 hash code and lots of help
  • kian.zarrin for auto reference paths for managed DLLs, shared assembly info trick
  • keallu for his logging class
  • boformer for his modding tutorials
  • Anyone who’s ever modded C:SL and shared their code for others to learn from!


Always welcome 😃

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