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(Hopefully) An easy-to-use toolkit for developing OpenVR Overlays with Unity Engine!

Unity 2017.1.1f1MIT LicenseUpdated 4 years agoCreated on July 31st, 2017
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OVRLay (1.3)

A(n)? (Hopefully) Easy-to-use toolkit for developing OpenVR Overlays with Unity Engine!

What is OVRLay?

OVRLay is a small toolkit for creating Overlays for Open/Steam VR,

It provides the neccassary OpenVR API’s, Plugins, and Unity Prefabs to enable a sort of drag-and-drop ease of use.


  • Implements and Supports most OpenVR Overlay Features / Settings / Flags!

  • Create and Manipulate Both In-Game, and Dashboard Menu Overlays!

  • Load in OBJ (WaveFront) files as RenderModels, and attach them to overlays!

  • Support for the lastest Stable Release of Unity (2017.1)!

  • Does not use Unity’s Built-In OpenVR support, but has its own OpenVR Handler that deals with getting a connection to SteamVR, getting the HMD and Right/Left controller positions, and updating / handling Overlay Relevant OpenVR events!

  • Has drop-in support for interaction with unmodified UnityUI, by simulating mouse screen cords via a in-scene camera! (Just make sure to position camera to look at WorldSpace UI!)

If you have any Questions, Comments, Feedback, or find any bugs, Please Let me know!


Grab the latest Unity Package from Releases, found here!

Then just import it into a new blank scene!



The two plugins currently do not play nice when run together, so one or the other until I can get around to making a SteamVR plugin compatible version.

Easy Usage (None - Technical)

Simply drag and drop and drop the Unity_Overlay Prefab in your scene, then set its Overlay Texture property to your texture to get the simplest basic Overlay the fastest!

For a quick dashboard, drag and drop the Dashboard Quickstart prefab to get an already rigged up UnityUI canvas with all the correct camera settings, and an Overlay set to be a dashboard type! Simply add UI to the canvas, and it should just work!

Remeber to set the Overlay Name and Key to be Unique!

Moderate Usage (Kinda - Technical)

The easiest method I’ve used, so far, is:

1. Set up a ‘rig’, or Container GameObject. This GameObject has any elements you need and an orthographic camera positioned just so that it would render out the exact 2D image you want as an Overlay.

2. Drag a Unity_SteamVR_Handler prefab into your scene (anywhere will do, as long as its active). This prefab helps setup and handle SteamVR, and should have a few GameObjects representing the VR HMD, and right/left controllers as children. When Connected to SteamVR, these objects should match a players position in their play space 1:1 from 0,0,0.

3. Drag a Unity_Overlay into your Scene and position where you would want it a players VR playspace, and set its Camera For Texture property to the camera from your Rig in step 1, and fill out its overlay Name and Key to be unique! If you have ‘Auto Update’ enabled on both the Unity_SteamVR_Handler and Unity_Overlay objects, it should automatically handle the creation of a render texture, and rendering out a new texture for SteamVR!

That should get you the most basic form of a working SteamVR Overlay, check out the code, settings, and experiment to get a basic feel for how it works!

Advanced Usage (Technical)

Coming Soon!

But I’m not gonna be that guy, and leave you in the dark.

The OVR_Handler class found in it’s folder/files, and OVR_Overlay / OVR_Overlay_Handler classes in their folder/files, contain everything you would need to skip the prefabs, and spin your own Unity Interaction Handling while just using some easier-for-unity abstractions for SteamVR stuff.

Specifically, the OVR_Overlay class is just an abstractor that ‘contains’ an overlay via keeping track of its handle, and using a bunch of getters/setters to translate API calls. Just makes dev a lot faster then constantly keeping track of and calling Overlay.GetSetMaOverlaysSetting(_MaHandle,_myValues, ref _StoredVals) style things all over the place, lol.

Thank you Valve, for OpenVR and Steam! (And Half Life 2!)

pls hire me volvo, u my oniy hope!

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