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Ui realized with Unity 3D showing players associated to semirandom classes

Unity 2018.4.17f1Unknown LicenseUpdated 118 days agoCreated on March 8th, 2020
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This project consists of creating an interface which includes a list of players, having a name and a class. The number of players is random, between 20 and 50. The class of each player is also random, among the following: “Engineer”, “Politic”, “Pilot”, “Android”, “Military”.

The first button allows to delete the list and generate a new (random) one, the second button to add a player on the top of the list and the third to just clean the list.

The class of the player added with the second button is semi-random:

  • If there is an equal proportion of classes, the new player’s class will be random (Basics Chances 20%)
  • If one class is more widespread than the others, its possibilities are recalculated with respect to the least widespread class, ex:
    • There are 10 Engineers, 10 Politics, 10 Pilots, 10 Androids, 8 Militaries
      • New Chances (Engineers 15% ; Politics 15% ; Pilots 15% ; Androids 15% ; Militaries 40%)
    • There are 5 Engineers, 3 Politics, 4 Pilots, 10 Androids, 6 Militaries
      • New Chances (Engineers 6,6% ; Politics 80% ; Pilots 13,3% ; Androids 0% ; Militaries 0%)

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For this project I decided to make all files public but please do not hesitate to contact me if need additional details.

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