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Scripts I have created to solve issues I have in Unity.

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Scripts I have created to solve issues I have in Unity.

Objects Ring

Evenly distriubtes a set of objects around another object. Object Ring

  1. Create an object in the in Hierarchy - Ex. an Empty.
  2. Rename to something useful - Ex. “ObjectRing”.
  3. Add ObjectRing.cs script to ObjectRing GameObject.
  4. Add objects to ObjectRing.

The order of the objects in the hierarchy determines the order around the ring.


Radius - distance from parent object. Begin Angle - 0-360 - From Top view, sets 1st object angle. End Angle - 360-0 - From Top view, sets last object angle. Flip - Flips which end faces center. Most useful for text. Orientation - Sets whether object has default orientation or towards center.

Issue - Adding objects does not immediatly update. Have to move a slider to get objects to upate. Issue - Need to create on Orientation inspector.

Switch Cameras

Framework to puts a Switch Cameras menu in the Editor.

File requires editing to match the cameras in your scene.

Create New Prefab

Just making: https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/PrefabUtility.html into a menu item.

Puts an item in a Tool menu called Create New Prefab that allows user to turn multiple objects in Hierarchy into individual Prefabs.

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