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This repository is based on Unity and ROS to simulate hand gesture control of Husky mobile robot.

Unity 2019.3.5f1MIT LicenseUpdated 272 days agoCreated on March 13th, 2020
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Husky UGV Gesture Control

This repository is based on Unity and ROS to simulate hand gesture control on Husky mobile robot.


  • Clone the offical Husky UGV repository:

    git clone

  • Add RosBridge socket to this repository and rebuild your Workspace.

  • Add ROSConnect asset to Unity. [Already added]

  • Clone this repositroy:

    git clone

  • Configure your IP and Port in Unity.

  • Add the required publishers and subscribers.[Done]

  • Run Leapmotion Sensor or any hand gesture recognizer model.

  • Run your project from ROS and Unity.

  • Sample code to start with can be found in file.
    frame = controller.frame()
    Factor_LM_XY = -0.2
    Factor_LM_Z = -0.5
    #This factor represents a scaler to smooth the control movments
    #Extraxting the hand's center of mass (Palm) 6DOF data 
    hand = frame.hands[0]
    #Reading only the first hand from the available hands' list
    X = hand.palm_position.z
    Y = hand.palm_position.x
    Z = hand.palm_position.y
    pitch = hand.direction.pitch
    yaw   = hand.direction.yaw
    roll  = hand.palm_normal.roll
    #Aligning the robot's and han's system coordinate axis and scaling the control input
    Husky_x_vel = X * Factor_LM_XY   
    #Husky_y_vel = -1* Y * Factor_LM_XY # Y axis is in the opposite direction
    Husky_yaw_vel = yaw * Factor_LM_Z
    pub = rospy.Publisher('/cmd_vel', Twist, queue_size=5)
    vel_hand_msg.linear.x= Husky_x_vel
    vel_hand_msg.angular.z = Husky_yaw_vel
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